19 January 2009

I need to visit:

Alinea -- top of the list, mostly because it's more accessible than...
...El Bulli, headed by Ferran Adria, the king of avant-garde cooking. El Bulli is only open from April to September each year, and 300,000 people annually try to snag one of the 8,000 seats available. I guess I should start planning my rehearsal dinner now? I'll just take a shot in the dark when I plan the date.
Le Doyen
The French Laundry
The Spotted Pig
Le Bernardin
Tony Angelo's
Restaurant August
Kanno California Sushi Bar
Savvy Gourmet
La Petite Grocery
La Cote Brasserie
7 on Fulton
Marigny Brasserie (I've only been for brunch... and it was the essence of perfection.)
Hip Stix?
Slice (would you believe I still haven't been!?)
Theo's (clearly I am not a pizza connoisseur)
Pascal's Manale (mmm BBQ shrimp)
Mimi's in the Marigny

This list is totally under construction and I will be constantly adding to it... which may stress me out, although fortune has recently happened upon me in a most becoming way. Sucre had a little party on Wednesday night where we could taste samples of pastry chef Tariq Hanna's wedding cake creations as well as snack on hors d'oeuvres from Joel Dondis' catering. While I was there, I happened upon Blake of Blake Makes, etc. (he's got a whole empire, of which Blake Makes is just the foremost), and we got to talking about a magazine he's got in the works. We exchanged contact information, one thing led to another, and now we've concocted a plan for me to write a weekly column that'll be featured on his blog. This means I'll have the budget to go to many more restaurants much more frequently. Definitely head over to his blog; the man positively churns out creative ideas. Check out his latest idea, the Food Chain. Fun!

I'm tremendously busy today reading up on Emerson (yeah, yeah), but I'll be posting some entries this week on Sucre, Baru, Herbsaint (possibly my new favorite?), and other random quips. Hope the three-day weekend and DELICIOUS weather in NOLA is treating you well, loves.


Blake said...

Hi Remy! I am stoked that you will be collaborating with me on Blake Makes. It takes a lot of work to build an empire, and I've always wanted to have more NOLA food content on my blog. Now, with your help, I can. I hope you're hungry! Welcome to Blakeville.

Tartelette said...

I visited your beautiful city a few years ago and had the best time. Being French it truly felt lke being home away from home! We did not get around to all the restaurants on our list and made another list for the next time!
Your city is inspiring!

chloe said...

Remy, your blog amazing! it made me really want a gourmet meal. dont forget about coquette.