28 January 2009

Cochon: A Pig Field Folly

Essentially, it was a festivity assembled to celebrate food as art as well as the success of Prospect.1, which was coming to a close at the same time (last weekend). Mom and I arrived at the Brickyard, which looks exactly how it sounds: a large space of piled bricks, the remains of a former factory (was it molasses?) situated right by NOCCA. A man sat at a table right at the entrance, soliciting donations to save endangered pig species.

But the center of attention was rather a giant ball game going on. As it turns out, it was human foosball, with members of two opposing teams (Swine and Sausage) placed in rows across the field, each row of players connected by a rope that was manned by people on the sidelines, who'd pull towards themselves when they wanted to move their players. When a ball neared a player, that person would kick and squirm about (from the confines of his or her roping) and attempt to kick it towards the team goal.

And I ask myself, would this happen anywhere else?

In the background, a whole pig was being cooked by none other than Donald Link, who served up hot boudin and pork sausage in the meantime for hungry bystanders.

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Jeffrey said...

Dear Remy,
I recently lucked upon your blog through a link forwarded to me, by friends, from the guy who writes the Appetites blog. I think your sense of style regarding food, and the remarkable way you express yourself, are wonderful. I am a long time visitor to New Orleans and passionate about the experience of food. I look forward to dining at Lillete's (sp?) in particular on my next visit. Please keep up the good work and congrats on your new paid position.
Jeff Matthews
Denver, CO