01 February 2009

Excitement and relocation

Hello, all! So, I've got exciting news... I bought a domain name. From now on, I'm just Passionfruit Butter. No .blogspot or anything. Incidentally, this makes it easier for you to visit and easier for me to tell more people about it. As of right now, it is COMPLETELY under construction: I'm using a pre-made layout, and while I'm not in the least bit satisfied with it, I'm keeping it until I can figure out something better.
See y'all there!


justin said...

hi remy, i enjoyed your review of la petite grocery. let me know when you wanna come try some more things. we just changed the menu and i think its my favorite yet! also, i have a few friends that write food columns for local publications and was wondering if you would be interested in getting in contact with them. when i was first interested in cooking (around your age)talking to the veterans really gave me a good idea of the direction i wanted to go. let me know, justin-la petite grocery

molly said...

hi remy,
checked out your blog...LOVE IT!
here's a link to one that a couple of architect gals I know in NYC write...
check it out and keep up the delicious writing!
your mom's friend,