07 December 2008

I am preparing myself

for a deluge of baking in epic proportions. I've felt it coming for a while now, and as the suspense builds, so does my mental list of things to bake. Somehow I got suckered into baking snacks for the entire Upper School during exam week, so at least my cooking will be put to good use. I'm planning on doing some roll-and-cut sugar cookies with this delicious icing, chocolate-mint thumbprint cookies, my famous oatmeal-craisin-white-chocolate-chip cookies, vanilla cupcakes, shortbread, and hopefully some peppermint bark as well. All from scratch. More to come. It's too bad I actually have ambition, because I'd make a kickass stay-home-and-bake housewife.

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NolaMom said...

Just got turned on to your blog from my brother. am a McGehee girl too! Love your blog-great writing.

You can have it all. Take it from me. I had ambition and 20 years later after proving to myself that I could succeed in the working world I became a "stay-at-home-and-bake housewife" and I know I love staying at home, raising two boys, being a wife AND kicking ass.

Keep up what you are doing. I am totally impressed.