25 August 2008

Passionfruit butter.

We'll kick this thing off with a bit of word association.
First: passionfruit. Exotic, sweet, aromatic, juicy, maybe a little tart and tangy. Sensuality... maybe just plain passion (hence the name?).
Butter. Indulgent, rich, warm, inviting. Anything's better with it, and if you think otherwise, you're most likely just lying to yourself.

The culmination of the two is unexpected, golden-yellow, and has a million nuances of flavor. Nectar of the gods? Maybe a variation. It's silky, simultaneously sweet and savory, the quintessential condiment. Who'd've thought?

1 comment:

andre said...

Sounds scrumptious and decadent. I think it would taste delicious on a thick, sizzling steak. Yum!